By means of various procedures different geometrical structures are constructed. The structures are the given: the material, the limits of the exploration.

Each structure provides the raw material for a series of paintings that together make up a plurality of possibilities within the limitations of the structure.

The paintings become a series of variations on the same theme, on the same given possibilities. All the images of the series contain and are contained in the same structure.

The geometrical structure is a necessity. Within the Law, Freedom is exercised (the choice of elements, the configuration of forms, the use of colours.)

The products of this method appear first and foremost to the eye. The method is a strategy to take sight by surprise. The coercion of the structure produces the unexpected and unusual more systematically than intuitive improvisation (which is subject to habit).

Sight is our primary source of information about the world.
It is also a source of sensual joy – and a mystery.

The obviousness of visibility is a problem.

Per Formo 2008
Translated by Birgit Kvamme Lundheim